Fertility Reflexology


Fertility Reflexology is a fantastic treatment working on the hormonal system to balance out the hormones, reducing stress & tension in the system. The difference with a fertility treatment versus a standard reflexology treatment, is that you focus on all of the reproductive organs & systems and get them working together, all at the right time in order to get the body ready for a sustainable pregnancy. This means working on the ovaries, pituitary and uterus so that when someone does get pregnant all of the essential elements required for a successful pregnancy have been kick started in your system.

There are a few different approaches that can be taken with Fertility Reflexology and it will totally depend on personal circumstances. Someone can come for regular treatments once or twice a month to boost their fertility pre and post ovulation. You can also come before and through out IVF or assisted fertility treatment to help get the eggs & body prepared for a successful implantation.

The other option is to do the Fertility Programme – this requires a weekly visit, supplementation for both male & female & taking your temperature and charting your temps every day in order to discover when ovulation is occurring and pre and post ovulation what is happening with the body.  There is a huge disconnect at the moment without someone that is impartial trying to educate you about your body, your own fertility signs and how to recognise ovulation in your own body.

Niamh is trying to change that through her fertility programme – helping women to understand when they ovulate and how their body shows them they are ovulating. Someone can have a regular 28 day cycle every month for her life to date & still not ovulate on day 14 or 16 sometimes clients with a regular 28 day cycle can even ovulate on day 9 or 21. There are some really small changes you can make that make natural conception possible. Out of 10 case studies there have been 9 successful pregnancies & now even more as the word is getting out about this amazing treatment. The below images show the Fertility Friend App – excellent for tracking daily temps. The first chart shows a dip in post ovulation temps which meant we adjusted some of what we were doing post ovulation & thankfully this resulted in a successful pregnancy the following month.

Consultations are available with Niamh by texting 0876121744, they take approx an hour and include an assessment of the feet.

We work in tandem with some of the most innovative assisted fertility clinics in Ireland such as the SIMS clinic in Dublin and NAPRO in Galway to support clients in the West of Ireland undertaking IVF, IUI and ICSI.