PCOS and Fertility

PCOS AND Fertility 

I have a lot of queries re PCOS & fertility & regulating a PCOS cycle. Diet & lifestyle are massive when it comes to regulating a PCOS cycle there is  huge amount of research done which shows the difference between using Clomid (boosting ovulation) then metaformin (insulin regulating) & Clomid combined versus a group that moved to a PCOS diet & lifestyle with no medication.

PCOS makes us insulin sensitive - increasing insulin to really high levels when we eat High GI (G index) foods - this increase - increases our testosterone & luteinising hormone which in turn stops us ovulating - hence longer cycles. This is the reason that some ladies with PCOS do not get a solid smiley face on ovulation sticks - the LH remains high all the time and doesn't have that surge required. Absolutely it's not as easy as taking a tablet, it is work, it is a lifestyle change, but the body of evidence on this as I have researched it is unreal! A regular cycle = ovulation. 

I think one of the best ways to think about it is that you are either moving in the direction of your dreams and taking a step towards them with everything you consume or moving away from them.


Lean muscle burns fat and reduces insulin resistance so it has 2 immediate benefits, it reduces the worsening of the condition and reduces the cause of the condition. Excess oestrogen often causes failure to ovulate and as excess oestrogen is eliminated ovulation starts to occur along with a regular menstrual cycle. The ideal exercise is weight bearing so a Hit or strength and conditioning class or personal trainer. 


7 steps to improve PCO and PCOS

1. Switch to unrefined carbs and always eat them with protein. Follow a low GI diet

2. Eat oily fish and foods rich in Omega 3

3. Eliminate dairy

4. Eat more pulses and vegetables to increase levels of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin)

5. Eliminate alcohol

6. Reduce caffeine

7. Cut down on saturated fats and eliminate hydrogenated

8. Talk to your doctor about introducing Inocelf or Inistol 

9. Track your cycle using Fertility Friend with your basal body temperature 


Some really useful blogs or pages to follow are PCOS diet support; 


I also find the Andrea Hayes page excellent for some hypnosis including healthy eating tracks 


the Gentle Birth app is also excellent with tracks from Hypnosis to mindfulness and positive affirmations.